This is just a guide to understanding prices in items and what they do. Waffs is the currency, and if you see N/A, it means you can't get it that way.

HP RestorativesEdit

Item Effect Price (Waffs) Drops from
Apple Juice 100 HP 200 W Skeleton, Baby Wolf
Apple 500 HP 600 W Skeleton, Wolf
Pineapple 1000 HP 1200 W Wolfkin
Chocolate All HP N/A Mimic

MP RestorativesEdit

Item Effect Price (Waffs) Drops from
Banana Juice 50 MP 400 W Snake, Monkey
Banana 100 MP 1200 W Monkey
Strawberry 500 MP 2400 W Wisp, Skeletal Guard
Watermelon All MP N/A Minotaur

Special/Event itemsEdit

Name Effect Obtainable From
Holy Water Revives player, heals 1000 HP Shop (10,000 W)
Demon Skin Fully heals HP and MP Drops from Rakture after finishing G3
Pearl Heals half of HP and MP Pearl Diving Game/Event Reward

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