Ran Fireborn was born and raised by two normal parents. They were dirt poor, they lived day to day by selling crops. They tried to avoid their social status to Ran, they wanted him to live his life to the fulliest. Ran had always seemed to like fire, his parents thought it was normal and ignored it. Every day Ran could stop and stare at fire, ever since he was 8. When he finally grew to become a man, he began to be able to control fire. His parents feared this power, they knew that had to do something, but they just did not know what. His parents pondered over and over again what to do, they had nothing. Ran was fully a man, he believed he should leave the house and have his own journeys. His parents declined. Ran tried to reason with them over and over again. They kept declining, they came to a agreement, they said that if ran could show them that he will not be harmed, they would let him. Ran unleashed his fire all at once, he was trying to show that he could fight ot his parents. Ran had severly burned his face by doing this, now he wears the mask to cover the badly hurt face. He calls the mask the Mask Of Shame. After the burn Ran had run away from home, his parents chased after him, but he kept putting fire walls up, he did not want his parents to catch him. He thought he would hurt his parents. Ran had gotten away, he finally felt free. He is also known as the phoenix, somewhere in his family there is a Phoenix. Years and years had past. Ran was not paying attention to time himself, he had never known his father had recently died, he died never meeting his son in years, his mother says his father had died with regret. His father had died from searching for Ran all of those years, he had got caught into a dust storm, and never got out. There is a chance he is still alive, but the chances of this are very slim. Ran himself always plans to visit his parents, he always has a gift in his pocket, just so one day he could walk in and say hello. He would always go near but then run away, he was unable to face what he had done,

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