This is just a quick guide on calculating your stats and your level upgrades!

Basic StatsEdit

HP= LEVEL x 10 +40

MP= LEVEL/2 +50




MP UsageEdit

MP_usage= 10 x Number_of_Spell

Damage CalculationsEdit

Damage_deal= ATP -DFP

Skill_damage= (ATP/2) x (Number_of_Spell x1.5) -DFP

Level and Waff DropsEdit

Level_drop= (Monster_level x Monster_amount)/2 -1 x [Every 10 levels you have over the monster]

Waff_drop= (Monster_level x Monster_amount) x 2


Shown Meaning
HP Health Points
MP Magic Points
ATP Attack Power
DFP Defense Power
SPD Speed


The usage of these stats are very important to gameplay, so please remember the following!

Speed determines the order of attack.

Attack power always needs to subtract the Defense power.

Health will go down according to the Damage_deal calculation.

Magic will go down according to the MP_usage calculation.

Skill number refers to the number of the skill on the Skill List.

The Skill List numbers refer to the rank of the class in which you get that skill.

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